About me: Darren Campeau

Me, moi, io,
yo, boku

He, him, dude.

I've been a graphic designer for over 20 years working with both print and web, utilizing Adobe Creative Suite tools. I am also competent with HTML, Wordpress, Divi, SEO, social media formats and all webmaster duties.

University studies have resulted in a BA in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University, and further design studies at Waseda University, Tokyo. I have studied a mix of art and science and not intimidated by the complicated.

I work to create clean and compelling designs that attract my clients' targeted clientele and users. Once a scope of work is established, I work quickly and always consider and present options for the client to review and consider.

Many of my commissions were multi-lingual; including: Japanese-, French-, Italian- and Spanish-languages.

An American citizen based in Japan, I am happy to participate in online meetings.

For inquiries, send me an email:

Clients include:
US Geological Survey
US National Park Service
US Corps of Engineers
San Francisco Convention Bureau
City of San Francisco
Orange County, California
Santa Clara Valley Water District
California Fish & Wildlife
California Boating & Waterways
San Francisco Estuary Project
Urban Ecology - San Francisco
and many, many small businesses
and Silicon Valley companies.